I am a writer, who doesn’t equate having a disability with suffering.

I view myself as an ordinary person, albeit one with a unique perspective.

About Me

Individual with a disability

I contracted cerebral palsy due to complications at birth. Consequently, I have a severe speech impediment and a right arm that I can't use very much. I also walk with a limp on the right side.


I earned my high school diploma from Ceredo-Kenova High School. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. I attained my Doctor of Jurisprudence at West Virginia University College of Law in Morgantown, West Virginia. I graduated the Order of the Coif and then passed the bar. I have been licensed to practice law in West Virginia since 2000. 


"Perfect Love: An Ordinary Person’s Thoughts on Christianity" is my fourth book as a writer. It is my first work of non-fiction.

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Available for interviews, presentations, and book signings

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